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    Statistics prove that we are 100% devoted to our job of booking, processing and transferring the orders across the globe with minimum effort for our clients!

    Connected Towns
    Closed Shipments
    Satisfied Clients
    Years of Experience
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    Ship Anything

    Here are some industries we help get their items around:

    • Palletized Goods
    • Boxed Goods Non-Palletized
    • Any Non-Perishable Boxed Goods
    • Any Parcel Shipment
    • Appliances & Electronics
    • Furniture & Constructions
    • Medical Freight
    • Agricultural Products
    • Cars and Equipment
    • Anything Legal
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    by Customers

    I am happy to mention the excellent customer care I have received throughout our business relationship and I hope this continues in the future! Thank you for the safe and timely delivery, I appreciate it!

    Peter Jones

    Peter Jones


    This is not the first time we have dealt with your company and there is absolutely no way we can switch to another cargo delivery service. Thank you for the great features and benefits that make us a truly happy customer. Good luck in the future!

    James Morris

    James Morris


    I started an import business a year ago and although I contacted several trucking companies, it was FreightCo who always provided quick answers to my many questions. That’s why I started working with this company and I’m really glad I did.

    Molly Cooper

    Molly Cooper

    Leitender Manager
    Peter JonesProjektleiteJames MorrisProduktmanagerMolly CooperLeitender Manager


    What makes our company stand out is the approach that we choose for the daily tasks: we want you to enjoy the experience of using our logistic services

    Best Logistics

    We provide the best logistic service on the market, all over the globe.

    Cargo security

    Our clients get 100% guarantee for secure shipping & handling.

    24-Hour Support

    In case you have an enquiry, or an urgent question, our support is there.

    On-Time Delivery

    We know how to make it in time and set the right terms for deliveries.

    Any Payment Method

    All payment methods are acceptable for ordering our services.

    Cargo Tracking

    Track all your shipments online using the tracking form and ID.

    They Chose Us

    Meet some of our regular clients and read what they've got to say about our services, share your experience and help us become better by leaving your feedback


    Waiting for You

    Really grateful for the support of Tom Kelton & Business Enterprise Fund to help us with a start up loan to launch and expand.

    The quality of the business plan and cashflow to gain the funding also helped scrutinise our decision making further.

    We are at the job centre in Bradford on Wednesday trying to find 4 more people immediately who want to change their lives and add another 10 over the next 12 months.

    Very simply we believe that in this great region each month ;
    ⏩️we will find 1 person whose the right fit,
    ➡️we will find 1 van which is the right fit
    ➡️our commercial team will create opportunities to make it all fit.

    It’s very likely the first batch of people involved will be future leaders of the company ( managers, directors, shareholders).

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    MON - SAT: 7 am – 8 pm SUN: 9 am – 5 pmSUPPORT: Every day, 24/7